About Us

Conference and Discussion
Established in 1895, the ZAS seeks to promote agriculture and its supporting activities, to facilitate agricultural development in Zimbabwe. We are home to the Harare Agricultural Show and numerous businesses, in a quiet and secure surroundings, a 5-minute drive from the central business district.

To improve livelihoods through the promotion of agricultural development in Zimbabwe.

To promote and accelerate the development of agriculture through the creation and sustenance of an innovative, dynamic and vibrant medium for exhibitions, competitions, discussions, training and information sharing.

  1. Service – Our commitment to continually improve our offerings and our interaction with clients
  2. Collaborative – Our view of how we should work with others and cooperate with them for the acceleration of national agricultural development.
  3. Innovative – Our quest to explore and improve how we offer our services.
  4. Respectful – Our recognition of our rightful place in the value chain and our manner of interacting with our clientele.